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About us

Done Enterprises is a Finnish startup developing technologies of the future.

We are currently in stealth mode. Stay tuned for some awesomeness!

Our vision is to rapidly innovate and leverage cutting-edge technologies to create futuristic businesses that improve people’s lives.

Our subsidiary Done Robotics develops customer interaction robots for use in health care and other sectors.


Interested in working for Done Enterprises or Done Robotics? Right now we are not seeking any candidates, but you are welcome to send an open job application.


Sahakatu 2
FI-65170 Vaasa

VAT Number : 3093875-3

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Our Subsidiaries

Done Robotics Ltd

Done Robotics is developing service robots for efficient, yet pleasant customer interaction. Our services will revolutionize customer interaction in many fields by combining what humans do best with what machines do best, to free up time for what matters. We are currently piloting our services in the health care sector. Get in touch to learn more. Done Robotics - Our Robots, at Your Service

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